Episode Library

101. The Summer of Joy (Reprise) — A very special C&C episode

100: Live From NASA JPL: Visions Of The Future — Five visual strategists from The Studio at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Dan Goods, David Delgado, Lois Kim, Liz de la Torre, and David Levine

99. Amy Emmerich: Hustle and Be Kind — Refinery29's Chief Content Officer Amy Emmerich

98. Kayla Drescher: Magic in Heels — Magician Kayla Drescher

97. Human Venn Diagram Highlights: Big Leaps and New Beginnings — Visual artist Lia Halloran, classical musician Jason Haaheim, arts venture capitalist Adam Huttler, and LEGO artist Adam Ward

96. TLDNE <3 Teachers — Math teachers (and Human Venn Diagrams) Tori Raddatz, Emily Dennett, and Emily Hard

95. Cesar Kuriyama: 1 Second Every Day — Founder and CEO of 1 Second Every Day Cesar Kuriyama

94. Natalie Cheung: Light Up The Sky — Engineer Natalie Cheung, General Manager of Intel's Drone Light Shows

93. C&C: Finishing the Hat — A C&C episode from TED! 

92. Tracy Fullerton: Game On — Professor of interactive media and games at the USC School of Cinematic Arts and the director of USC Games Program

91. Damian Kulash: OK Go Sandbox — Lead singer of OK Go Damian Kulash

90. Jay Silver: The World Is Your Construction Kit — Creator of Makey Makey and founder and CEO of JoyLabz Jay Silver

89: Live from CRCI: ChoreoTech — Performer, choreographer, and technologist Catie Cuan; dancer, choreographer, and assistant professor of mechanical science and engineering Dr. Amy LaViers; designer, new media artist and founder of Hyphen Labs Ece Tankal; molecular and cell biologist, interdisciplinary artist, and Hyphen Labs director of research Ashley Baccus-Clark

88. TLDNE Turns 2... And We Celebrate With Pi(e) — A C&C episode celebrating Pi Week and our second birthday!

87. Billy Almon: Nature Be Wild'n — Dimensional designer and biomimicry afficionado Billy Almon

86: Human Venn Diagrams Highlights: Three Cheers For The Drama Club! — Highlights episode featuring snippets from Dan Maccarone, Lauren Gunderson, Bryan Cooperrider, and Janett Martinez

85. Rebecca Poulson: Developing the Lede — Technical Program Manager for Emerging Platforms at the Knight Lab at Northwestern University

84. Kamal Sinclair: New Frontiers in Digital Storytelling — Director of the Sundance Institute's New Frontiers Lab, transmedia artist/producer, and theater artist Kamal Sinclair

83. C&C: The Power of Tribes with Emilie Wapnick — A C&C episode with founder of The Puttytribe and author of How To Be Everything Emilie Wapnick

82. Adam Huttler: Exponential Creativity — Founder of arts services nonprofit Fractured Atlas and newly minted founder and chief of impact investing fund Exponential Creativity Ventures Adam Huttler

81. Kevin Clark: Product Management Meets Mozart — Philanthropy consultant, product manager, and composer Kevin Clark

80. Kat Mustatea: Art in the Age of Machine Intelligence — Poet, playwright, and computer programmer Kat Mustatea

79. Casey REAS: Interactivity — Visual artist and co-founder of Processing Casey REAS

78. C&C: Saltines and Leisure — A C&C episode for the New Year!

77. Human Venn Diagram Highlights: Speaking STEM — Highlights episode featuring snippets from Bobak Ferdowsi, Danielle Feinberg, Emily Graslie, and Taoufik Nadji

76. Lia Halloran: Solar Painter — Visual artist Lia Halloran

75. The Holladay Brothers: Sounds of the Holladays — Musicians/Technologists Ryan Holladay and Hays Holladay

74. Adeene Denton: Dances with Rocks — Planetary scientist and dancer Adeene Denton

73. C&C: Creative Destruction — A C&C episode 

72. Dan Tepfer: Giving Freedom a Frame — Jazz musician and computer programer Dan Tepfer

71. Jenny Dearborn: Wonder Women — Business executive at SAP, educator, and painter Jenny Dearborn

70. Sasha Samochina: Cosmic Collaboration — NASA JPL Immersive experience producer and artist Sasha Samochina

69. Gabriel Wyner: Engineering Fluency — Opera singer, languages expert, and app founder Gabriel Wyner

68. C&C: Passion, Purpose, and Poppies — A C&C episode

67. Merritt Moore: Physics on Pointe — Professional ballet dancer and quantum physicist Dr. Merritt Moore

66. Janet Iwasa: All the Cells We Cannot See — Biologist and molecular animator Dr. Janet Iwasa

65. Jeff Smith: Music in Motion — Musican, Computer Music PhD, and Smule CEO Dr. Jeff Smith

64. Jason Scott: The Room Where It Happens — Hip hop dancer, entrepreneur, and investor Jason Scott

63. C&C: Metrics That Matter — A C&C episode

62. Mario Klingemann: Algorithmic Art — Visual artist, computer programmer, and Google Artist-in-Residence Mario Klingemann

61. Amy Wibowo: Coding Like a Girl — Computer programmer and zine creator Amy Wibowo

60. Nilofer Merchant: Your One and Onlyness — Business executive, thought leader, and author of The Power of Onlyness Nilofer Merchant

59. Dona Sarkar: Fibonacci Sequins — Fashion designer, blogger, and head of Microsoft's Windows Insider program Dona Sarkar

58. C&C: Rants, Raves, and a Digital Detox — A C&C episode

57. Amy Nauiokas: Zag When Others Zig — Film/theater producer and venture capitalist Amy Nauiokas

56. Jonny Sun: A Sense of Place — Architect, humorist, creator of Jomny Sun, and MIT Ph.D. student Jonny Sun

55. Burr Settles: Delicious Machines — Guitarist and DuoLingo machine learning expert Dr. Burr Settles

54. Elettra Weidemann: From Fashion to (Vertical) Farming — Fashion model, biomedicine expert, and food blogger Elettra Weidemann

53. C&C: All The Things — A C&C episode

52. Kara DeFrias: I Really Like Your How — User Experience (UX) designer and self-professed theater nerd Kara DeFrias

51. Live with Jennifer Ouellette: Me, Myself, and Why — LIVE show with KPCC featuring science writer Jennifer Ouellette along with a sneak peak at The Mashup Americans podcast

50. Katherine Bergeron: College 2.0 — Classical musician and Connecticut College president Dr. Katherine Bergeron

49. Alexis Gambis: The Science New Wave — Molecular biologist and filmmaker Dr. Alexis Gambis

48. Jason Haaheim: Well-Documented Failure — Nanotech research scientist turned principal timpanist for the Metropolitan Opera Jason Haaheim

47. C&C: You Don't Have To Be A Superhuman — A C&C episode

46. Heather Cabot: Let Your Geek Flag Fly — Angel investor,  journalist, and co-author of Geek Girl Rising Heather Cabot

45. Emilie Wapnick: How To Be Everything — Filmmaker, author of How To Be Everthing, and all-around multipotentialite Emilie Wapnick

44. Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya: Creative Brainpower — Neuroscientist and graphic designer Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya

43. Live from Interlochen: It's Going to be Okay — LIVE show from Interlochen Arts Academy featuring opera singer and acoustical engineer Kathleen Stetson

42. Robert Lang: The Math of Origami — Physicist, engineer, and world-renowned origami expert Dr. Robert Lang

41. Mina Markham: Journeys of a Sasstronaut — Front-end architect, senior engineer at Slack, and former UI chief for the HRC campaign Mina Markham

40. Nadja Oertelt: A Massive Take on Science — Neuroscientist, science communicator, and MASSIVE co-founder Nadja Oertelt

39. Ross Crain: Dating a #HumanVennDiagram: Part 2 — Actor, producer, and virtual reality creator Ross Crain

38. Bryan Cooperrider: Improvising By Design — Product designer, musician, and comedy improvisor Bryan Cooperrider

37. Janett Martinez: The Scrappy and Resourceful CEO — Sound engineer, theater technician, and CEO of IOT fabric startup Loomia Janett Martinez

36. Eugenia Cheng: On a Pi Note — Classical pianist, mathematician, and author Dr. Eugenia Cheng

35. C&C: Explore, Experiment, Execute — A special 1-year anniversary C&C episode

34. Kate Fehlhaber: Neuroscience in Focus — Neuroscientist, photographer, and science communicator Dr. Kate Fehlhaber

33. Butch Rovan: Tech, Art, and Rock 'n Roll — Composer, media artist, and director of the Brown University Arts Initiative Dr. Butch Rovan

32. Chas Carey: Dating a #HumanVennDiagram: Part 1 — Lawyer, actor, and podcaster Chas Carey

31. Stephon Alexander: The Big Band Theory — Theoretical physicist and jazz saxophonist Dr. Stephon Alexander

30. Leah Gilliam: Creatives Who Code — Filmmaker, interactive game designer, and Girls Who Code executive Leah Gilliam

29. Carol Lynn Curchoe: STEM Warrior Princess — Reproductive biologist, author, and biotech founder Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe

28. C&C: Impromptu Dance Party — A C&C episode

27. Adam Ward: Everything is Super Awesome — LEGO artist and architect Adam Ward

26. Gabrielle Reece: Power Moves — Professional athlete, author, and public speaker Gabrielle Reece

25. Randi Zuckerberg: A Portfolio Kind of Person — Tech executive, theater producer, author, and performer Randi Zuckerberg

24. C&C: Binary Besties — A C&C episode

23. Sarah Jane Pell: Every Expedition Needs an Artist — Performance artist, diver, and astronaut Dr. Sarah Jane Pell

22. Sydney Skybetter: Choreographing the Future — Choreographer, educator, and IOT gestural interface expert Sydney Skybetter

21. Taoufik Nadji: STEM to STEAM — Interlochen Arts Academy physics, astronomy, and math teacher Taoufik Nadji (that's Monsieur Le Nadj if you're cool)

20. C&C: Rise Up — A post-election C&C episode

19. Camille Seaman: Follow the Women — Photographer and environmentalist Camille Seaman

18. Alexander Green: Sensing Symmetry — Computer programmer, musician, and lighting designer Alexander Green

17. Lauren Gunderson: The Science of Drama — Playwright and science communicator Lauren Gunderson

16. C&C: Headspace — A C&C episode

15. Emileigh Barnes: Govern in Poetry — Poet, content strategist, and part of 18F, a public sector tech squad Emileigh Barnes

14. Binta Brown: It's Go Time — Corporate lawyer-turned-music producer and executive Binta Brown

13. Dan Maccarone: Charmed By a Robot — User Experience (UX) designer, tech CEO, and comedy improvisor Dan Maccarrone 

12. C&C: Fall Into Originality — A C&C episode

11. Marquise Stillwell: The Proximity of Luck — Design and innovation executive and storyteller Marquise Stillwell

10. Abigail Edgecliff-Johnson: Race Cars and Robot Cakes — Anthropologist, cake designer, and founder of engineering toy startup Dr. Abigail Edgecliff-Johnson

9. Risa Puno: The Art of Play — Installation artist, singer, and brilliant math tutor Risa Puno

8. Eugene Chung: The VR Vanguard — Filmmaker, venture capitalist, and founder of Penrose Studios Eugene Chung

7. Shini Somara: Fluent Dynamics — Mechanical engineer and science reporter Dr. Shini Somara

6. C&C: The Struggle is Real — A C&C episode

5. Frank Burbrink: Snakes on a Podcast — AMNH Herpetologist, computer programmer, punk rocker, and comic book geek Dr. Frank Burbrink

4. Emily Graslie: BrainScooped — Landscape painter, Chief Curiosity Correspondent for the Field Museum, and host/creator of The Brain Scoop Emily Graslie

3. Danielle Feinberg: Where Light Resides — Computer animator, Pixar Director of Photography for Lighting, and STEM communicator Danielle Feinberg

2. Bobak Ferdowsi: The Mohawk Guy — NASA JPL engineer, Mars Curiosity flight director, and STEM communicator Bobak Ferdowsi 

1. C&C: You Don't Know Grace — The very first Cate and Christina episode, live from SXSW and covering, among other things, their love for Admiral Grace Hopper