Episode #101: The Summer of Joy (Reprise)


In this very special Cate & Christina episode you’ll hear why we’re both naming our summers the Summer of Joy (Reprise)! We also discuss the magic of discovering and leaning into your superpower, the phase of exploration that’s essential for any creative endeavor (and creative life in general), and we share some big news.

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Episode #100: Live From NASA JPL: Visions Of The Future


It’s our 100th episode, live from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California! We’re thrilled to be talking with five visual strategists from The Studio at JPL: David Delgado, David Levine, Liz de la Torre, Lois Kim, and Dan Goods, who founded the group. You’ll hear how they partner with scientists and engineers to help them “think through their thinking,” as well as communicate both within NASA and with the public about the groundbreaking work at JPL. They’ll also tell us how they got the coolest jobs ever, and fill us in on some of their awesome projects, like wearable tech for astronauts, visualizing live communications from NASA’s Deep Space Network, and a whole lot more. It’s a total blast!

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Episode #99: Amy Emmerich: Hustle and Be Kind


If your dream job doesn’t exist yet, how do you hustle your way forward? That’s a perfect question for Amy Emmerich, the Chief Content Officer at Refinery29 and your newest career cheerleader. Amy started out behind the camera and is now driving content strategy across all platforms, constantly adapting to an ever-changing storytelling landscape. Amy discusses the key ingredients that have helped her succeed in a highly original career path—and she shares tons of inspiring takeaways for you as you journey along your own.

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Episode #98: Kayla Drescher: Magic in Heels


When you think of a magician, do you think of a guy in a top hat? Or things like 3D printing and the Pythagorean Theorem? Meet Kayla Drescher, a professional magician who’s also part scientist, part comedian, and part bartender. Kayla tells us what being a full-time magician actually looks like: from the entrepreneurial side, to developing her own unique voice, to studying science in order to defy it. You’ll also hear how she’s taking a lead in developing resources for women and girls who want to pursue magic without sporting that top hat you may have been thinking of. Prepare yourself now for lots of wow moments!

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Episode #97: Human Venn Diagram Highlights: Big Leaps and New Beginnings

ep 97 square.jpg

It’s an extra special highlights episode! We’ve gathered together some of our favorite advice for new graduates, parents of graduates, and anyone taking a big leap or starting something new. You’ll hear from visual artist Lia Halloran, MET Orchestra timpanist Jason Haaheim, Fractured Atlas founder Adam Huttler, and LEGO artist Adam Ward. Listen in as you prepare for your next big adventure!

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