Episode #62: Algorithmic Art


Did you ever consider that the thing you’re the worst at might open the door to an exciting career path? Mario Klingemann, an artist in residence at Google Art, tells us how having poor handwriting as a child led him to the world of computational art. We deep dive in neural networks, discuss the difference between curation and creation, and discover how researching the past can be a great way to make something new.

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Episode #61: Coding Like A Girl


When you picture a computer scientist in your head, do you immediately go to an anime sailor girl holding a bubble gun? We’re talking with Amy Wibowo, engineer and creator of BubbleSort Zines, which cover computer science topics for teen girls and everyone else. You’ll hear how Amy linked to her Kickstarter campaign in her exit email at her full-time job to become the CEO and editorial director of her own company. And you’ll learn about cool applications of computer science, like robots and a 1980s knitting machine hack!

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Episode #60: Your One And Onlyness

Imagine that every time you enter a room, you bring with you a light bulb that has a color, feeling and energy totally unique to you. That right there? That’s your Onlyness. We’re talking with Nilofer Merchant, author of the brand new book The Power of Onlyness: Make Your Wild Ideas Mighty Enough To Dent The World about how to do just that. It’s an episode full of powerful light-bulb moments that you won’t want to miss.

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Episode #59: Fibonacci Sequins


Did you realize that we’ve been multi-hyphenates since we were born? We’re talking with Dona Sarkar, who heads up the Windows Insiders program at Microsoft and is a published author, fashion designer and blogger. We discuss the joys of being an expert at failure, why it’s okay to not be a natural at anything and how to distribute the “emotional eggs” of any pursuit.

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