Episode #37: The Scrappy and Resourceful CEO

We're talking with Janett Martinez the CEO of Loomia, a fashion-tech company that makes fabric into circuit boards using proprietary conductive ink. Janett shares her fascinating path to CEO that's been paved with scrappy resourcefulness. We discuss the power of setting up a process, the internet of things, the best kept secrets of NYC concierges and so much more.

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Episode #36: On A Pi Note

In this special Pi Day episode, we interview Dr. Eugenia Cheng, musician, chef, mathematician, and the author of How to Bake Pi: An Edible Exploration of the Mathematics of Mathematics and the upcoming Beyond Infinity: An Expedition to the Outer Limits of Mathematics. Eugenia shares why she’s chosen not to follow blueprints that other people have created, and why math is not actually about getting the right answer. Plus, how to mathematically figure out your perfect size of pizza, and Eugenia’s tips on making the perfect Bananas Foster!   

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Episode #34: Neuroscience In Focus

We talk with Kate Fehlhaber, neuroscientist, photographer, pianist, and science communicator, who just completed her PhD at UCLA. We discuss how Kate walks the tightrope between art and science, and the connection between her particular area of neuroscience research and photography. We also break down the bias of illusory superiority, the left brain/right brain myth and why it persists in pop culture, and the neuroscience thinking of Proust.

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Episode #33: Tech, Art, and Rock 'n' Roll

We interview Professor Butch Rovan, a performer, composer, media artist, and the faculty director of the Brown Arts Initiative. Once a rock musician in Los Angeles, Butch now creates award-winning work at the intersection of technology, code and composition. We learn why it’s artists who push technology to the nth degree, how to interpret your work from one field to another, and why movie soundtracks make us cry.

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