Episode #57: Zag When Others Zig

What do Broadway musicals and fintech startups have in common? Amy Nauiokas is here to tell us. Amy is Founder and President of Anthemis, a digital financial services investment and advisory firm, and Founder and Chair of Archer Gray, a media production, finance and investment company. We talk about the similarities between creative projects and startups, what kind of people Amy looks for when making an investment and how to combine solid data with gut instinct.

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Episode #49: The Science New Wave


How does a fascination with fruit flies become a feature film? Alexis Gambis, a French Venezuelan scientist turned filmmaker, tells us how. From studying the eye to the camera lens, editing genomes to editing film, Alexis is creating a new wave of science filmmaking and you’re invited to jump onboard. Listen in for a trip around the world, a journey through time and a migration of butterflies. Yes, butterflies.

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Episode #39: Dating A Human Venn Diagram, Part 2

We’re talking with Ross Crain, actor, director, VR filmmaker, and Cate’s fiancé. That’s right! Our two-part series on partnership is back! Ross and Christina discuss Occam’s Razor, Mixed Reality, what baseball and portfolio theory have in common and more. Plus, why Ross first thought that Cate was “bizarre.”

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Episode #30: Creatives Who Code

We talk with Leah Gilliam, the VP of Strategy and Innovation at Girls Who Code. Leah began her career as an artist, filmmaker, and academic before shifting over to game design and STEM education. We discuss how to narrate your own Human Venn Diagram story in a way that gets you hired, the highly valuable creative skill that you may not realize you have, and how to stay close to the things you find interesting. Plus, Christina’s Women’s March On Washington experience and Cate’s “Math Brain”!

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