Episode #52: I Really Like Your How

“I really like your how” may be our new favorite compliment. We’ll break down what it means with Kara DeFrias, a UX expert who has leveraged her background in theater production and instructional design to work everywhere from the Oscars to the White House. Kara fills us in on what it means to speak geek, why always saying yes is a great mantra and how to get in the room where it happens.

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Episode #29: STEM Warrior Princess

We interview Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe, scientist, STEM educator, and the founder of 32ATPs, a clean energy biotech company. Carol is also the former Utah State Science Advisor and—in true #HumanVennDiagram form—helps run a stage plot app for professional musicians. We dig into the importance of failure in science and entrepreneurship, the tyranny of jargon, and how you (yes, you!) can get involved in public service. Plus: cloning cows, kitchen chemistry, and a baby! 

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Episode #20: Rise Up

It’s another Cate and Christina episode, and we’re talking about the election through the Human Venn Diagram lens. We cover big data and whether or not it failed us in predicting the winner, plus the difference between certainty and probability, unseen biases, the social media echo chamber, and how algorithms have played a role in creating a newsfeed full of people who agree with you. Plus, having superhero powers, running long distances, and feeling helpless (yes, that’s a Hamilton reference).

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Episode #15: Govern in Poetry

We talk with Emileigh Barnes, a poet and a content designer for 18F, a digital services agency based within the United States' General Services Administration. We discuss creativity at work and the challenges of the maker vs. manager schedule, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Advice for Living, and how a great partnership can be like a superpower. Plus: the math of poetry, writing governmental blog posts in sestinas, and a live poetry read!

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Episode #2: Mohawk Guy

We interview Bobak Ferdowsi, a member of the Flight System Engineering team on the Europa mission and Flight Director for the Curiosity Rover on Mars at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory... and "mohawk guy" on the Internet. What Bobak and Karlie Kloss have in common, why engineers are the ultimate creatives, Europa, the science of Sharknado 3, and so much more!

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