Episode #38: Improvising By Design

Are you a pirate, robot, or a ninja? That’s one of the many questions we discuss with Bryan Cooperrider, an educator, designer and musician who has been performing improv comedy for over 20 years. We discuss design as process, the intersection of engineering and art, and how to build community through music. Plus, Brazilian rhythms and grooves!

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Episode #22: Choreographing the Future

We interview Sydney Skybetter: choreographer, change agent, curator, and first-class Human Venn Diagram (he even has one on his website!). We discuss gestural grammar, disruption theory, a quick fix for slash-artist syndrome, why you should adopt a no-douchebag policy immediately, and much more. Plus, what to do when you're having trouble fitting all of your interests into one resume. And lots of $10 words!

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Episode #21: STEM to STEAM

We talk with Taoufik Nadji, professor of physics, astronomy, math, and forensic science at Interlochen Arts Academy. Mr. Nadji is famous at Interlochen for his ingenious ways of incorporating arts and science and making STEM thrilling. We discuss some highly collaborative projects that will blow your mind, why the journey to a solution is as important as the solution itself, and how teaching is also an act of learning. Plus, wait for Mr. Nadji’s answer to the age-old student question: “What does math and science have to do with my life?” 

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