Episode #8: The VR Vanguard

We interview Eugene Chung, a film director, tech investor, and founder and CEO of Penrose Studios, a virtual reality and augmented reality startup that is being called the Pixar of VR. We discuss what it's like to be creating an entirely new medium; why mixed reality is the perfect place for human Venn diagrams; how to merge storytelling, business, and technology into one incredible career; and of course, Pokémon GO.

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Episode #3: Where Light Resides

We interview Pixar's Danielle Feinberg, Director of Photography for Lighting on films like WALL-E, Brave, and the upcoming Coco. Why the 10,000 hours rule may not apply to you, what computer programming and algorithms have to do with making animated features, what happens when science and storytelling intersect (hint: magic), and all kinds of other inspiration!

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