Episode #91: Damian Kulash: OK Go Sandbox


Raise your hand if you’ve seen OK Go’s treadmill video! How about that insane Rube Goldberg machine? Or the zero gravity one? Lead singer and guitarist Damian Kulash joins us to talk about the inspiration and execution behind those jaw-dropping videos. He also discusses the importance of balancing creative risks with pragmatism, shares why he considers himself a committed generalist, and tells us about the band’s new educational initiative, OK Go Sandbox. Get ready for your mind to bend upside down and inside out!

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Episode #90: Jay Silver: The World Is Your Construction Kit


How do you turn a bunch of bananas into a piano? Or play Nintendo with a controller made out of Play-Doh? Jay Silver, creator of Makey Makey and founder and CEO of JoyLabz, is here to help make the world your own personal construction kit. Jay has a PhD from MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten, he was the first-ever Maker Research Scientist at Intel and he’s helped companies of all sizes smash electronics and everyday objects together. We discuss invention literacy, how to create more wildness in your work and the importance of unlearning. Plus, a Lightning Round mic drop!

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Episode #89: Live from CRCI: ChoreoTech

We’re coming to you live from the The Conference For Research On Choreographic Interfaces at Brown University (think: artistic entrepreneurship, robotics and dance)! You’ll hear two conversations with badass interdisciplinary collaborators on tapping into your creative identity, finding the right space to do your thing, maximizing collaborative potential and much more. Plus, a special Q&A segment and an epic Lightning Round!

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Episode # 88: TLDNE Turns 2... And We Celebrate With Pi(e)!

It’s been 2 years of The Limit Does Not Exist—and it’s Pi Week! To celebrate, we’re recapping some of our favorite insights, aha! moments and recommendations from the last 87 episodes. Plus, show fave Emilie Wapnick's back on for special segment with books, tools and game-changing hacks for Human Venn Diagrams. Tune in and join this highly educational party!

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Episode #87: Billy Almon: Nature Be Wild’n


What can nature teach us about innovation? According to Billy Almon, a dimensional designer and biomimicry aficionado, a whole lot. Tune in for parallels between ants and corporate organizational design, a discussion of biomimicry in Black Panther and more jaw-dropping insights. Plus, Billy shares his path from setting booby traps as a kid to designing immersive experiences, and shares advice on thriving and communicating well within multidisciplinary teams.

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